Irish Accordion Association – Open Festival 2017.

The Irish Accordion Association (IAA) will hold their Annual Festival on April 8th & 9th in the Castle Arch Hotel, Trim. Plans are at an advanced stage for the 2 day Festival which will include accordionists from Ireland, UK and Germany.

Competitions will commence at 9.00am on Saturday 8th and will continue until 5.30pm. Results for the day will be announced immediately after the last competition. There are individuals, duets ensembles and orchestra competing during this time. Sunday will feature competitions from 10.00am until 4.00pm approx.

A Gala Concert will be held at 4.30pm and will feature some of the prizewinners plus a number of magnificent orchestras including Royal Meath Accordion Orchestra.

Please support the Festival as this is the only Accordion Festival in the Irish Republic. It gives our young performers a platform for them to display their music skills.

Here is the timetable for the two day Festival. Please note your individual event time and the orchestra competition time. Orchestra practice at 12.45pm in the practice room, upstairs,

Wishing everyone success and enjoy the experience.

“Music thro’ Fun and Fun thro’ Music”

Click on the link below to open the Timetable in PDF.


Please Note – Revised Sunday Timetable

Timetable IAA


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