Our motto “Music Thro’ Fun and Fun Thro’ Music” says it all!

We are a young person centred  organisation who play music together. We learn, practice and rehearse music for pleasure, performance and competitions. We have adopted the National Quality Standards for Volunteer-Led Youth Groups and will put in place the core principles and standards on a phased basis.

We are always looking for new members and you can get more information about enrolment on the Home Page. Beginners are taught in a small group setting and are promoted on merit to Improver Class and then Beginner Orchestra. We teach to Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Standards and our students perform very well in the RIAM Exams and in both National & International Competition.

We are available for your concert, event or function. We perform many different music genres and we have something for everyone in our repertoire. Please see contacts page for further details.

The Management of the Orchestra is vested in a Management Committee all of whom are parents of orchestra members and elected by parents of orchestra members at the Annual General Meeting. In addition our Director of Music is part of the Management Committee.

All other parents form the General Committee. In addition two of the paid up orchestra members, elected by their peers, represent the playing members on the General Committee for a period of one year.

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